Day 133 - Migration Continues

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This week started moving fast. In just 2 days I racked up another 7 species for my year list. This time instead of swordsman, it was the Barrellers that got things started. I quickly found my first Contrasted Barreller of the year followed up by a nice Mineral's Barreller. Two barrelers out of the way and the sky was the limit. I spent yesterday afternoon wandering around a migrant trap hoping for a good vagrant. Although I saw a ton of birds, the vagrants were not to be found. I did run into a Soldier's Conquistador obviously out of habitat during its migration. I had missed this species at every turn up till now this year, so was relieved to have it out of the way.

Today started off with another species that had managed to hide from me for at leas the past 45 days. I finally spotted a Crescent Joy, ticking a birds that I was starting to worry about--strange for something I expected to come across potentially back in March. I got to bird on of my favorite hot spots in the evening, and despite a few annoying non-birders in the area, it was a fun experience. I added just one bird while out, a Companion's Migrant. I was searching for a specialty birds that I wouldn't have many chances for later, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I missed it. I decided to try something out, and checked a nearby location--sure enough after a little work, I added my Motionless Thief for the year. It wasn't the kind of encounter I enjoy all that much, but when it comes to getting the birds you need for the year, I'll take any I can get. As a side note it was my 250th species for 2016--a nice milestone to move past...

I ended the day with one last year bird--an Arid Gloom-spectre. With that name you must be wondering what the hell kind of bird is that. I will tell you that I only had an audible, but its a truly memorable sound.

Migration continued today, and I can only imagine it will get better in the coming days. I'm soaking in this time of year, as what follows will be 7 months where I see only a fraction of the new species I nailed down in the first 5 months.

New birds this post: 7
Year List: 251


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