Day 15 - Friends

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After yesterdays leaps and bounds I knew today would be a slow down.  I had to take care of a few things during the day and didn't get a chance to make it out till the afternoon.  Even then there weren't any easy targets.  For the first time this year I birded with friends--this is where it gets hard.  How do I go about posting about my birding experiences with my cohorts, on the off chance they read this.

For the most part, most of the people I go birding with are tech-savvy so if they were to come across this blog via Twitter, Facebook, or something else there is a possibility they could figure me out.  Especially when it comes to days birding together and birds seen.  If I go to Dr. Seuss State Park and see 7 new birds for the year, and 3 are common enough that I share the names; while the other 4 names are digestible enough to figure out--then my cover could be blown. It's a balancing act...

So the key is to balance what information I provide about the birding together and how I present it.  Like everything else this year, I will cloak my birding with friends in mystery, and under the guise of Non-fiction Fiction.  So here goes. This weekend I'll be birding with my good friends: Monica, Joey, and Chandler (see what I did there?). When we're not getting coffee at Central Perk, or up to 90's shenanigans, we go birding.

We are making a short trip to another part of Narnia as I mentioned previously, and will see lots of birds.  So today started off with the 4 of us getting together, packing up the Mystery Machine (henceforth my vehicle), and heading out while birding en route.  We made a few stops on our drive, but no new birds were added.

Shortly after we arrived at our destination for the weekend's adventure--Aslan's Federal Protected Area.  Settled in for the night, I anxiously waited for morning and new year birds.  Aslan's FPA is one of go to locations in Narnia, and should add a bevvy of year birds now, and later!

New birds today: 0
Year List: 94


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