Day 22 - A Trill, a Whistle, and a Glide

Friday, January 22, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

After yesterday's missteps I needed some good karma to come my direction.  I clasped my hands and asked the birding gods for mercy.  Let today be a good day.  I opted not to set out first thing in search of year birds, instead I took some time and did some eBirding.  I ran a few queries, looked at some maps, and decided I had 3-4 potential year birds with a 20 mile drive to the Edge of the Conifers.  This quaint village leads into a forest where several specialty birds dwell.  Even in mid-winter I felt that I could squeeze at least one out for sure.

I made the drive and found a spot that looked ideal.  All was quiet--deathly quiet.  I stood out in the clean air taking in the gorgeous scenery around me.  Narnia is a spectacular place to live, and on any given day you can have an amazing view that was different from the last.  I decided to take a stroll up an old road and see if anything sprung up.  Then I heard the trill of the villainous bird I was here for.  I quickly burst into my best owl imitation and the creature fluttered into view--posting on a limb just 10' away.  I took the best photos I ever have of the Repeating Signaler before it retreated into the forest.

Unfortunately, I can't show you those photos today--luckily you only have to wait about 340 days to see them :)

As I started to walk away I heard a familiar whistle.  I turned and there peering down at me was my second target bird of the day, a Lonely Rambler.  We stared at each other for a few seconds before it lifted off and disappeared into the trees.  A moment later, I heard it burst into its spectacular song; 3-4 times it repeated the jovial tune.  Then all was quiet again.  My trip to The Edge had been successful.  There was one other species I might come across heading out of the area, but it didn't show.

The 4th possibility was possible the entire drive back to civilization.  I had all but given up hope when over a hill I saw a wonderful Miner's Pilot glide along the horizon, before dipping out of view.  24 hours earlier I had been in a state of disbelief that my targets were all coming up as misses.  What a different a day makes.  With a trill, a whistle, and a glide I added 3 new year birds and felt like things were back on track.  I don't have to add new year birds every day to feel this way, but when I make an excursion for a target, it feels a lot better coming home knowing you got your bird!

New birds today: 3
Year List: 139


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