Day 28 - Birding Light

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I didn't go birding today.  For all intents and purposes I really didn't even try to look at a bird.  Happen chance put a flock of Rock Pigeons in front of my car while out at lunch, and a flock of House Sparrows foraging along a ditch where I parked to eat lunch and just zone out for a bit.  I didn't have time to put in any serious birding today.  Life's other responsibilities and obligations take precedent from time to time.  I thought about trying to go somewhere, but after looking at my options there was nothing worth putting in the effort.  So today was Birding Light.

I've heard the phrase "always be birding" time and time again for years.  It is a mantra that many birders live.  I would be lying if I said that I'm not always looking--I am.  But some days when the routine is there and there is nothing to draw you away from it, I at least tend to turn it down a notch.  This is good for birders to do from time to time.  There are times when it's not appropriate to be birding, and then there's the monotonous times when you don't want to wade through every pigeon, starling, and sparrow because that's all you see.

I do plan to make it out tomorrow--at least for a few hours.  I have a handful of targets I'd like to get before the weekend comes on full swing.  My shot at 150 for January is waning, and without a little blessing from the birding gods, the 140's will be where I'm left come February 1.

New birds today: 0
Year List: 142


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