Day 16 - 100th Species

Sunday, January 17, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

It had to happen at some point; my first big milestone for the year... Species #100.  And it happened before lunch today.  It wasn't anything super unique, an expected bird for the year.  A pair of Elevated Streakers flew over calling providing a lackluster #100 in some respects.  No glowing bird on a branch to drool over.  But it was okay--today was about birding and bird we did.  By lunch time my year list had jumped to 118 species, and before the day was over I would be sitting at 131 year birds. A massive jump for a mid-winter day in Narnia.  There were some major highs today, as well as a few unexpected misses.  In fact several species that I thought would be home runs never showed.

I had 2 unexpected finds for the year, and although I want to share more apparently someone calling themselves the Undercover Big Year Detective claims to know who I am and basically everything about my year.  Ironically they claim to have looked at my eBird checklists from today, which is odd, because I haven't submitted any of this weekends checklists at this moment.  In any event, I hope "The Detective" will write me back and let me know who they think I am!

With my 2nd biggest day of the year behind me, these massive days are now over for good.  If I get 10 new species in any single day the rest of the year, it will literally be a miracle!

At the end of a long day of birding, I went to sleep knowing that regardless of how the rest of the weekend went, today was a success.  Check out the bird list to see some of the wild and crazy things we saw today!

New birds today: 37
Year List: 131


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I'm on a mission to see as many birds as I can in 2016... within the borders of my home state. The only catch is I'm not telling anyone that I'm doing a Big Year...


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January 19, 2016 at 9:50 PM delete

Will you reveal what a "Copycat Maniac" is? I believe that it is a Northern Mockingbird.

January 19, 2016 at 10:27 PM delete

I won't tell what it is--but it isn't a mockingbird :)