Day 24 - Playing it by Ear

Sunday, January 24, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Straight to the point--it was a ZERO day.  I've been trying to decide going forward how often I will update the blog.  If I post everyday there will be lots of days where I have to find things to talk about.  I don't mind this, I love the chance to use this as an outlet and talk about birds, birding, and the outdoors in general.  But if I have 200 zero days in 2016 it could get old really fast.  I think the solution I have come up with is that I will post every day in January since there is just 1 week left.  Thereafter I will post a weekly update on slow weeks, and always post on days I get new year birds.  I guess I'll just kind of play it by ear.

One thing that posting daily forces me to do, is staying focused on the big year even on the slow days.  Today for instance I only left my house for a quick drive to the local market.  I still put in an eBird checklist for the day as I noticed several Confusing Migrants in the yard, and could hear Berry Swell-birds in my neighbors yard.  With a big year you are literally always birding--even when you're not, you are.  The odds of a new year bird at home the rest of the winter are slim.  Once spring gets things moving again that might change.

Looking ahead to the last week of January I have a personal goal.  I want to see if I can end the month with 150 species.  This is a good goal, and certainly attainable if I plan accordingly in the coming days.  If I was really eager I could add quite a few more--but then February might be a tad slow.  I guess I'll just kind of play it by ear :)

New birds today: 0
Year List: 141


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