Day 18 - 20 Days Out of State...

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A ZERO day means there isn't much to talk about today... 

So instead the topic for this evening is: leave.

There will be at a minimum 3 times this year that I leave my state for various reasons.  Personal vacations? Work Trips? Birding trips?  A little bit of each maybe?  At a minimum I will be missing 2-3 weeks of birding days at home.  Plus you never know what comes up.  There have been years where I have traveled upwards of 2 weeks for work.  Combine that with personal trips, and I could potentially miss a month of birding. Yikes!

Luckily I plan well, and I knew of the 3 planned trips going into 2016.    I will miss a few days this winter, a few days this summer, and at some other point I will miss 2 solid weeks of big year birding.  Those 2 weeks fall at an interesting time.  Odds are that something unexpected will show up during that stretch--aside from a rarity or two though, none of my leaves should have an negative impact on my year.  To the contrary these trips should add vigor and excitement to the year--especially when things get slow.  Of course on the flip side if something really good shows up while I'm away it could be nerve-wracking while I bide my time to get back!

During my last big year, I believe I was out of the state for around 20 days.  Most of which was during the winter months, and didn't hurt my year.

2016 has thus far been a great year for me, and hopefully this holds true through my meanderings at home and away.

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